Technically, If We Were Going by Popular Vote, More Eligible Voters Chose To Vote for Nobody Rather Than Somebody in 2016

Earlier this year I remember making a remark how, according to recent Gallup Polls, 81% of US citizens say that they disapprove of their government, yet only 40% of eligible voters had actually cast a vote in the mid-term elections earlier this year. This is also not a fluke, it is a trend in American society. In fact, by the end of the the 2016 US primary season, only 9% of the US population cast a vote to nominate Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to officially run for President. As was also pointed out/reported by The New York Times, a mere 5% of the US population voted for Trump to become the Republican nominee and only 4% of the US population voted for Clinton to be the Democrat nominee.  As for the US Presidential election, the results weren’t any more impressive.

US Presidential Election

According to election data 42.9% of eligible voters in the United States choose not to cast a vote in the 2016 Presidential election. For some comparison on this figure, 61,047,207 or 26.6% of the voting public cast a vote for Trump and only 60,375,961 or 25.5% of the population voted for Clinton. This means that, statistically speaking, more people in the US voted for “nobody” rather than “anyone” in 2016.

Fun Fact of The Day

If it wasn’t for the Electoral College, the last 4 Presidential of the United States would have all been Democrats. Think about it, We had Bill Clinton from 1992-2000, then George Bush “won” in 2000, even though Al Gore received more votes than Bush did, then we had Barack Obama from 2008-2016 and now we have Donald Trump, even though Hillary Clinton received more votes than Trump did. Isn’t our “Democracy” just grand? Oh and by the way, if any of that makes any of your angry, then you definitely do not want to look up the word “gerrymandering,” or how it has been used by Republicans to manipulate elections in state and local level for years on end now.

It is actually funny that so many people in American society actually believe that their vote matters for anything anymore. Do you feel like you made a “choice” when you vote in the primaries? Sure you voted for someone, but how were the people you given a choice to choose from chosen in the first place? Do you think you actually have a say? Do you really think that voting in these elections is really your own choice? If so, that is cute, I remember when I was naive too.


Democracy: noun, plural democracies.

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