Trump Administration Publishes Memorandum on Rebuilding the Nations Military

On February 1, 2017 The Federal Register’s office, the Executive Office of the President of The United States, published their official memorandum entitled “Rebuilding the U.S. Armed Forces Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense [and] the Director of the Office of Management and Budget,” outlining the Trump Administrations objective to ‘rebuild our nations crumbling military.’

Full Document:

The notion of rebuilding our national military is nothing new, in fact this has been a consensus Republican talking point dating back well before the primary season of 2016,  when front-runners like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush all created various television campaigns promoting this general message.

Whether you believe that America’s military is indeed “crumbling” or not could also be open to interpretation/a matter of perspective. For example, while it is true that the United States has the smallest Navy we’ve had since the end of WWI and the fewest number of enlisted soldiers since the end of WWII, the US DoD operates with far and away the largest military budget of any country on Earth – more than 1,000% higher than Russia and more than double China.

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According to the United States Department of Defense, the budget for 2017 will cost $582.7 billion dollars – up from $521 billion in 2016 and $493 billion in 2015:

For the purposes of the conversation today the memorandum is unclear about what the rebuilding effort will look like or what it will entail, the press release can be thought of more as a statement of intent – rather than a plan of attack. What is clear though is that within a time frame of 60 days, the President expects to have this plan in place.

For the time being, early reports indicate that Trump has already increased weapons shipments to Syria, begun to use US troops more offensively in Yemen, has pledged to give more military aid to Jordan, will increase military aid to Israel and will be also moving more US ground troops into Iraq and Syria over the months to come

Like him or not, Donald Trump has true to his word so far and has already started to implement many of the measures he promised on the campaign trail. It also appears as if Trump is taking his Commander in Chief responsibilities particularly seriously in the early weeks of his Presidency and has already begun to step US military efforts around the world – completely independent of the announcement today.

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