Breaking Down Israeli Lies & Disinformation

In light of Israel’s actions throughout the course of 2017, including the approval of new settlement activity in the West Bank, the bombing of territories in Syria and the restriction of the al-Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem, I want to take the time to breakdown some of the largest fallacies surrounding Israel right now. As well as expose lies propagated by prominent Israeli politicians and apologists, most notably statements made by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Before I get into the facts of the matters at hand, this article will be in response to a recent speech given by Benjamin Netanyhau where he attempted to explain a number of lies surrounding Israel and the actions of its Government over the course of the last several years. Before continuing with this article, please watch the following video first:


1.) Israel does not seek to change the status quo on the Temple Mount | 2.) Israel does not seek to change the prayer arrangement there | 3.) Israel does not prevent the free access to sacred sites in Jerusalem:

First off, the very treaty which founded Israel to begin with in 1947 called for the entire city of Jerusalem to exist and an international city of the world, not a city under the jurisdiction on Israel. However, in 1967, the Israel army military invaded Jerusalem as past of the 6 days War and has claimed ownership over the city ever since. In doing so Israel violated the very treaty which founded the country to begin with. This is also exactly why Israel’s actions there are always called “illegal” and a “violation of international law,” because that’s exactly what they are.

In case you doubt this for some reason, here is the original draft of the United Nations Partition Plan which established the country of Israel in the territory we now refer to as Palestine in 1947:

As if that is not a pretty big change to the status quo of the city over the years, in the video above, Netanyahu even admits “Israel hasn’t changed the status quo in years.” Meaning that Israel has already changed the status quo there on multiple occasions throughout the past, including setting up specific days and times that Muslims are even allowed to enter the Temple Mount to begin with.

That aside, in November of 2016 Israel’s Government attempted to pass legislature which would ban the Muslim call to prayer in and around the city of Jerusalem, including at the al-Asqa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Unsurprisingly, the legislation was also publicly supported by none other than Benjamin Netanyahu himself. Even after the first attempt to pass the bill through legislature failed, Netanyahu tried to implement the ban a second time.

To give you some perspective on the controversy of this law at the time, this would have been the equivalent of a town in the USA banning a Church from ringing its bell(s) because it made to much noise all the time  – or as Netanyahu puts it, made too many people “suffer” from hearing it.

Silencing/banning a daily religious practice in the most sacred area of that religion would be a pretty significant change to the “status quo” of the Temple Mount – don’t you think? Silencing a call to prayer is certainly also seeking to change the prayer arrangements just as well.

As if that is not enough, look at the continued clashes between armed military personnel and unarmed civilians at the al-Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem over the last several weeks. Not only have Israeli forces implemented new security measures around the Mosque, but it has actively refused to allow worshipers to gather around the compound. This is a clear example of Israel preventing the free access of worshipers to sacred sites.

So, as I hope you can see, Netanyahu claiming that Israel does not seek to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, or the prayer arrangements, or prevent free access to sites there are, in fact, all big lies.

Israel does not seek to destroy the al-Asqa Mosque

This is where it all gets interesting, to understand why the Mosque will no longer exist one day, you have to understand why Israel exists in the first place. One of the largest problems I find when talking to people about Israel or the Middle East in general is that most people are not aware that Israel was not “established” until 1948, after WWII, by the United Nations, which also happened to be established 3 years prior to that in 1945 – neither technically existed prior to this date.

I put established in “quotations” because, in accordance with Jewish and Christian scripture, Israel is not so much “the name of a country” as it is the name of a “geographic region” that people of Jewish and Christian/Roman Catholics faith believe divinely belongs, by “birthright,” to the indigenous/”Semetic” people which originally conquered and populated the land thousands of years ago. More importantly, the establishment of Israel in 1948 came after centuries of religious and politically motivated activism known as “Zionism.

Zionism is a term used to describe a group of devoutly religious people, whom believe(d) in the words of the Bible so strongly that they worked for centuries trying to make religious scripture come true – to found Israel around the city of holy Jerusalem once again like it had previously existed in the past.

Thousands of years ago the followers of King David built a city called “Zion” within the “promise land originally settled by Abraham. This city existed in the location we currently referred to as “Jerusalem.” However, as history/time/Wars progressed, the original Semetic/Jewish people that “first” inhabited Zion and the surrounding areas were conquered and subsequently exiled from the land by their “Arabic” counterparts, whom then went on to dismantle the Temple of Solomon and other Jewsish religious relics in the years thereafter.

For well over 1,000 years since and a century after the life of Mohamed and the birth of Islam, the Jewish people remained apart from what they have always considered to be their homeland. Meaning that the Jewish people were not in “control” over the territory we now refer to as Israel and did not have a ruling “Government” in place there. More importantly, the “state” of Israel did not exist – yet.

However, if you are a “pious” individual and familiar with religious doctrine – a.k.a. “the Bible” – you would know that the return of the Israelite’s to Israel was inevitable, the event was foretold of centuries ago. For example, Deuteronomy 30:1-10 |

For hundreds to arguably thousands years prior to the actual establishment of Israel in 1948, powerful lobbyists, political figures and Oligarchs, whom were all devoutly religious, were publicly advocating for and working towards the establishment of Israel at the highest of political levels and within thehighestof societies.

The premier example of this can be observed by the Balfour Declaration of 1917. This was a letter written by the sitting Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, James Balfour, to “Lord Rothchild” of the Rothchild family of international Bankers, whom are Jewish and happen to be the richest family in the history of modern civilization. At the time Britain was also the most powerful country on Earth.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917:

^^^ This document ^^^ is of historical significance because it shows the full extent/reach of how religious beliefs impact present day world affairs and modern political relations/decisions/legislation.

In conclusion, if Zionism is real – which it is – and Israel only exists in our modern world because of this, and because people have literally interpret the Bible as a road map for future events, then it follows suit that we must look towards what the Bible tells us will happen after Israel got re-founded. For example, the Bible foretells that the Jewish people will rebuild the “Third Temple” atop the Temple Mount after they return to the city, in the same spot where the Temple of Solomon first sat centuries ago.

According to Christians, once this Temple is rebuilt Jesus will return to Earth and according to Judiasm, once the Temple is rebuilt, it will hail the emergence of their savior all of the same. This is why both Christians and Jews alike not only want this Temple to exist one day, but also expect it. Just as the re-establishment of Israel, the Temple is foretold of in scripture.  It just so happens that, logistically speaking, for the Third Temple to be built, the al-Asqa Mosque will cease to exist. If Netanyahu said he expects the al-Asqa Mosque to stand forever, it would literally mean Netanyahu believes the Hebrew Bible to be false.

Moreover, French President Macron recently stated that anyone whom is anti-Zionism is therefore anti-Semetic, implying that anyone whom does not support the spread and advancement of Zionism is an enemy of the civilized world. Upon making these remarks, Macron was thanked and received a full embrace from Netanyahu himself. So, taking all of these together, how can it be argued that Zionists and Israeli’s do not expect the al-Asqa Mosque to be destroyed one day?

Israel settlement activity has declined over the years

In the speech at the beginning of this article, Netanyahu was very clever and chose his words very carefully to make it appear as though Israel settlement activity has been declining over the years. However, this is simply not true. While the numbers of new settlements went down in the years prior to his speech, Israel continues to build new settlements each and every year.

Regardless if the number of new settlers and developments “in Israel” may have been going down as Netanhayu chronicles above, technically speaking, all post-1947 extrajudicial Israeli settlements are still a violation of international doctrine because Israel was never given legal authority to “occupy“ or acquire these territories in the first place – never mind continue to build thousands of new and additional settlements on them every year. Moreover, adding new settlements every year is quite literally increasing settlement activity overall, not decreasing it as Netanyahu attempts to spin.

Image result for palestinian territory 1947 today

Since Israel has gone on to acquire more land than it was given in 1947, it is said that Israel has broken the very Treaty which founded it, and in doing so Israel has “violated international law.” If the land was illegally obtained to begin with, then anything Israel continues to do on it, including building new buildings/developments/settlements year after year, is also subsequently a further violation of international law.

Much of the current land disputes in and around Israel as we observe them in 2017 originates from chunks of territory/land the Israeli Military captured over the Six Days War of 1967. In a series of battles on 3 separate “borders,” Israel went on to defeat “4 countries” to capture control of portions of “the enemies territory.” These are the “disputed or occupied territories” I am sure you have heard popularly referenced over the years.

In 1967 Israel defeated Jordan and Iraq to the East capture “The West Bank” and“Jerusalem,” Syria to the North to gain control of the “Golan Heights” and Egypt to the South to gain control of the “Gaza Strip.

Moreover, earlier in 2017, Israel announced plans to develop more than 2,500 homes in the West Bank, the first time new settlements have been built there in decades. Considering that in 2015 Israel only approved 1,500 settlements, as Netanyahu admits to be the exact statistic himself, then 2,500 new settlements in 2017 is quite literally a surge in the settlement activity. Once again exposing yet another Israeli lie.

Honestly, the list of lies and propaganda surrounding Israel could go on for quite some time, but I am not writing a book on this subject and this article is already long enough as it. I hope I have shown you that it is perfectly reasonable to criticize Israel in modern time and that anti-Semetism has absolutely nothing to do with it. More importantly, I hope I have shown you the real facts behind some of the controversy in the Middle East right now and that you have learned something new.

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