Emails of Emirati Ambassador To The United States Hacked & Leaked Online

The emails belonging to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba, were hacked and leaked online earlier this week on September 13th 2017. Sources including Middle East Eye and Al-Jazeera have each gone on to independently confirm the emails as legitimate, but both parties have falsely reported that the hackers behind the breach remain unknown.

In actuality, the group behind the incident is a group of international hackers known as “Global Leaks,” whom claim to have obtained the data from a group of whistle-blowers operating out of Washington D.C. We know this because in June of 2017, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, the hackers went on to release 55 pages of evidence from Ambassador Otaiba’s personal inbox and promised to leak the entire archive at a later date.

As for why the hackers targeted Otaiba, they claim that their actions were meant to show “how a small rich country/company used lobbyists to hurt American interests and those of its allies.” As well as to “reveal how millions of dollars were used to hurt the reputation of American allies and cause policy change.” Speculating as to why it took nearly three months for them to release all of the data online, as Wikileaks could attest, it takes months of work to index and archive data such as this in order to make it browse-able by the viewing public. But now that the work is complete, you can view the entire directory of emails through the link below:

Ambassador Otaiba’s Entire Email Archive:

Among other things, the treasure trove of leaked data indicates that the US Government may have known that the United Arab Emirates secretly shipped arms and weapons to “rebel” militias fighting in the Libyan Civil War, actions which would constitute a violation of international law.

For example, in one email exchange between Ambassador Otaiba and former National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Otaibi informs Rice how “MBZ asked me to inform you that we will be sending ‘equipment’ to our friends in the western part of Libya in the next 2-3 days.” Adding that “They will arrive in a UAE cargo aircraft and will be escorted by a UAE military contingent, just to insure safe passage. He just wanted me to give you a heads up this will be happening so that no one is caught off guard.” To which Rice responded “Roger, Thanks.” And just for the record, “MBZ” referenced above is an acronym for Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

About the email in question, as was reported by Middle East Eye (MEE) on September 14th 2017, “While the words “weapons” or “arms” were not specifically mentioned, the 2014 correspondence roughly tracks a UN Security Council report leaked to MEE in June saying the UAE had illegally shipped weapons to rebels loyal to military leader Khalifa Haftar.” The revelation that the US and UAE knowingly and secretly used back channels to ship arms and weapons to Libya would constitute a violation of international law because the United Nations has fully embargoed weapons shipments to the country dating back to 2011.

Another interesting aspect of the leak revolves around the recent blockade and ransom of demands made upon the country of Qatar, led in part by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Donald Trump. According to the leaked emails, these events had been planned dating as far back as 2015 and in direct anticipation of a Trump Presidency in 2017.

In one string of emails between former Deputy Assistant to George Bush, Elliot Abrams, and Ambassador Otaiba, whom talks about one day controlling the Government of Qatar and how doing so would “solve everyone’s problems. Literally.” Explaining that “King Abdullah of Saudi came pretty close to doing something in Qatar a few months before he passed” in January of 2015. To which Abrams replied sarcastically, “How hard could it be?” Going on to point out that the population of Qatar is somewhere between 250,000 to 300,000 people, compared to Saudi Arabia whom has a population of well over 32 million.

Abrams then goes on to logically play the aforementioned scenario out in his head, surmising that “Foreigners won’t interfere, promise the Indians a raise, promise the police a raise and who is going to fight to the death?” To which Otaiba replies: “That was the conclusion. It would be an easy lift.” Adding that “Obama would have hated it, but the new guy…” Implying that the US’s current President, Donald Trump, would be far more supportive of a Saudi military takeover of Qatar, which history has indeed proven to be true. Case in point, here is another Tweet from the President himself less than a month after these emails were first exchanged.

Responding to the suggestion that Saudi Arabia and Jordan should come together to conquer Qatar and that the US should support this maneuver, Abrams responded by saying “Exactly, the Hashemites need to conquer Qatar, that solves their cash problem and the problem of Qatari support for extremism.” As you can see, the crisis in Qatar and all of the events on through to today are no accident or coincidence, instead, they were a direct result of years of planing and political actors secretly pulling diplomatic strings behind the scenes in order to influence world events. That is exactly why these sorts of leaks are always so entertaining and enlightening, because they provide a whole new perspective to current affairs and geo-political relations.

Lastly, I am not going to cover every detail of the emails leaked this week. Rather, I invite you to browse through the material and draw your own conclusions for yourself. I have already included a direct link to entire database of leaked emails at the beginning of this article – you’re welcome.

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