Facebook Advertising Service Testifies In Front of US Congress

Earlier this morning, September 27th 2017, executives representing Facebook News and Facebook Advertising Services testified in front of US Congress for the first time. In part, Facebook was there to discuss their roles in “unknowingly” accepting money to disseminate political propaganda and fake news in the past. More specifically, Congress wanted to review political ads allegedly purchased by Russian actors in the weeks and months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election.

According to multiple sources, Facebook’s testimony this morning centered around $100,000 worth of political ads directly purchased by Russian intelligence or others like them associated with the Russian Government. All of the ads in question primarily focused on divisive social issues such as race, gay rights, gun control and immigration and ran between a time period of June 2015 and May 2017. While the exact figures are impossible to quantify, it is believed that with the $100,000 in ads bought by the Russians, their content was able to reach millions to tens of millions of potential American voters.

It is important to note that, generally speaking, the Congressional investigation itself was created to look into Russian interference in a much broader sense. In this way, Facebook itself is not the primary subject of this particular investigation, they just played their own unique role in this whole affair. With that out of the way, now that Facebook’s testimony has officially been entered into the books, it is fairly apparent that the Russians were successful in accomplishing two things.

First, Russian actors were able to create and spread fake news stories, headlines, events, and memes depicting Hillary Clinton in a less than flattering light to millions of voters and second, Russia helped to advertise and promote controversial issues, protests or events in the days leading up to them. It is believed that Russia did this to purposely sow controversy and belligerence around American society, to get people angry, upset and arguing with one another – therefore succeeding in dividing the country on already controversial issues.

But perhaps the most interesting thing of all to come out of today’s hearing was that Russian Intelligence also paid to promote liberal groups online, particularly the Black Lives Matter political movement.

This is highly interesting because, believe it or not, the Black Lives Matter protest movement really started as the brainchild of a lot of “affluent” international left-ists such as George Soros, whom have heavily funded the group dating back to 2015. As I have previously addressed in other articles on this site, George Soros is also a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton and has used his vast wealth to donate over $3 billion dollars to US Democrats going back to the 1970’s. So, just to recap for you before moving on, this means that two groups on opposing sides of the same election were paying to advertise and promote the same social group; Black Lives Matter. Do you see the irony and genius here?

Liberals celebrated Black Lives Matter as a legitimate protest movement meant to empower people to go out and express themselves, and possibly repay the favor by voting for Democrats, whom largely funded and expressed their support for the movement all along. At the same time, knowing how “controversial” Black Lives Matter had become, Russian actors then payed money to directly promote BLM content, protests and gatherings specifically to political conservatives whom opposed the protests. This was done to get conservatives riled up, emotional and engaged all the same, but for entirely different reasons.

Considering that political conservatives and the Republican Party proceeded to sweep the US elections by winning control of the House of Representatives, Senate and Presidency, one could argue that Russia was successful in carrying out their objective. Or perhaps Russia’s success was merely “incidental,” and last years election was just an example of all the ways liberals continue to get it wrong on important issues.

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