Editorial: The Forgotten History of Columbus Day

When I think about “Columbus Day,” the first thing that comes to mind is that without Italians, all of those British, Spanish and French people could not have gone on to kill so many people. I am being sarcastic of course, but I say this because many people forget that Christopher Columbus was born in Italy, he just sailed for the Spanish because they paid more.

I am bringing this up today because tomorrow marks an “American” Holiday known as Columbus day, a day which has become highly “politicized” in 2017. This is because many people on the political Left seem to view Columbus day as a symbol, representing all of the things that can be construed as disturbing about “America’s past.” For example, the fact that in order for the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese to invade, conquer and ultimately “colonize” the America’s for centuries thereafter, a lot of indigenous people had to be moved and genocided off the land first.

History Still Evident To This Day. Think About It.

France conquered and colonized what we now call Canada, to this very day parts of Canada still have all their street signs written in French. Britain went on to invade and conquer what we now refer to as the US East Coast, ever seen a white person in America today? Spain invaded and conquered Florida, down through the Caribbeans, Mexico and South America – ever wonder why “Mexicans” and “Colombians” speak “Spanish” to this day? Portugal invaded and conquered the East Coast of South America, ever wonder why “Brazils” national language is still “Portuguese?

History aside however, as the prelude to the article references, Columbus Day has gone on to become a highly “controversial” subject in American society these days. So much so that many activists and politicians are actually working together to remove the Holiday from national celebration, recognition, or existence.

*Editorial Warning *

As for me, do I necessarily care about Columbus Day? – no. Would I care if Democrats removed Columbus Day as a national holiday? – no, not really. I am indifferent to it all. However, what does bother me is that too many people are either forgetting or conflating history when talking about this subject.

The US Declaration of Independence did not come until 1775. But remember, Christopher Columbus first sailed the ocean blue in 1492. The fact of the matter is that hundreds of years of War, genocide and cultural imperialism took place on this continent before “The United States” – id est “America” – ever came into existence. However, when was the last time you heard about Britain, France, Spain or Portugal being blamed for the genocide of American Indians, or Slavery for that matter?

America” did not invade and kill the American Indians, the French, British, Spanish, et cetera did. “America” did not invent slavery and bring it to this land, the British did. I think too many people today blame America or the US Government solely for the way that history has played out, when really they should be blaming European Nations for it.  When I see people protesting in the streets or threatening to remove Columbus Day from existence in 2017, I wonder if they too are conflating historical events.

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