CIA Seeking Prosecution of Wikileaks Vault 7 & 8 Sources

I’m writing this article today in response to a recent Tweet made by the CIA on December 2nd 2017, expressing their intentions to start targeting Wikileaks more heavily in the future, for publishing State Secrets throughout the past. It is a general fact that the information Wikileaks has obtained and is now publishing comes directly from within some of the deepest and darkest corners of our own Government. While it is moral, ethical or even legal for Wikileaks to publish this information is debatable depending on your perspective, the people whom leak this information to them in the first place have almost certainly committed a crime in doing so.

Regardless of your “moral stance” on the niche market and platform Wikileaks provides, they do present certain problems or concerns if you work for the United States Government. For example, Wikileaks most recent series of leaks entitled “Vault 7 & 8,” exposes some of the most advanced tools used by CIA agents around the world over the last several years. Given the high level of information obtained within the leak, it is more likely than not that this information came from someone working within the agency, or a security contractor hired by them.

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Attempting to look at the situation independently, there is no disputing the fact that everything Wikileaks publishes is real or true and idealistically, every great journalist would love to protect their sources in all situations, because it is a show of honor, loyalty, credibility and respect. However, especially in the age of Government mass surveillance, at least when it comes to these same Federal Agencies, reporters in the United States are rarely offered or afforded this honor any longer. All the more reason why Assange currently lives his life in political asylum within an Ecuadorian embassy.

Deservedly so, both the CIA and US Government want an explanation of where the information Wikileaks obtained came from, as well as whom sold the agency out to them. Wikileaks has either said they either do not know whom their sources are, or would not provide this information directly. For example, throughout the course of 2016, Assange repeatedly told multiple US Federal agencies that the Russians did not hack the DNC or Hillary Clinton, it was someone else entirely whom he would not provide – an answer almost no one in the US Government has accepted to date. However, I would just like to point out that at least some of the time, Wikileaks really has absolutely no idea whom their sources are. Therefore, Assange might not actually be lying when he says he does not know or can not reveal a potential source.

I say this because not only does Wikileaks receive their information through a DarkNet web-page, but the people whom give them information also do so through TAILS and other encrypted channels. This is also something Wikileaks advises, teaches and instructs potential leakers to practice. Unless Wikileaks goes out of their way to offensively hack the people whom give them information from the start, then Wikileaks genuinely wouldn’t have a clue where or whom the information came from – making the CIA’s subsequent investigation into those sources “farcical.” Moreover, not only is there no evidence suggesting Wikileaks actively hacks anyone themselves but arguably, it would also be more illegal for Wikileaks to hack people than it would be to publish international secrets.

It must also be noted that the Central Intelligence Agency is not a law enforcement agency, it is an intelligence gathering agency. In this way the CIA itself could never directly bring legal charges against Wikileaks even if they wanted to, all they can do is pass information off to the proper authorities or assist in ongoing investigations. Given the content of Vault 7 & 8 it certainly makes sense why the CIA would ‘be going to War’ with Wikileaks at the present moment in time. However, these are also not my first criticisms of how the agency is going about conducting themselves, or some of the things Mike Pompeo has publicly put out this year.

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