Just Like Wall Street, Homelessness Is Also Rising In The United States

Believe it or not, the single most disturbing quote I’ve heard come out of the Trump Administration to date was actually made by Ben Carson, the current department head of US Housing & Urban Development (HUD). This past July, in an interview about how he intended to “improve” HUD’s direction after Trump decided to cut their budget earlier in the year, Carson expressed how the agency needed “to start looking at people as pieces of human capital, which can be developed in the future.

Quite literally, looking at people as pieces of capital means that you are looking at humans as pieces of money and by saying that you want to develop them in the future, you are saying you want to make money off these people in the future. This bothers me because Carson appears to be much more concerned about using his position/power to make money, rather than advancing peoples lives.

The department of Housing and Urban Development only exists to serve the poorest and most impoverished people living in this country and last year alone, the department received over $48 billion dollars in funding. I just can not understand how Carson’s top priority in that office is to find new ways for the Government to start making more money off currently homeless and impoverished Americans in the future – it just seems completely upside-down and backwards.

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Truth be told, I am only writing this article here today after I saw a piece of news this morning. According to a new research paper published by Housing and Urban Development earlier this week, the number of homeless people in America is increasing. The study also indicates that the number of people living under what is considered “extreme poverty” is also on the rise. For some perspective on these figure, as recently as 2016, as many as 3.5 million people inside the United States face homelessness on a yearly basis.

What’s interesting about HUD’s report is that 2017 was the first time in 7 years the number of homeless people living in the United States has increased. Yet this figure comes at a moment in time when Wall Street is breaking all sorts of new records and according to our Commander In Chief, everything with our economy is “Great” and “the best we’ve seen in years!” But if that is true, then why are the number of homeless and impoverished people living in this economy increasing at the same time?

The fact of the matter is that Wall Streets surge is only great for the people whom have already had it great within the US economy, for example corporate stock traders – which are not exactly your everyday Americans. Moreover, going back to the financial collapse of 2009 literally trillions upon trillions upon trillions of new dollars have been introduced and added to the economy over the years by the Federal Reserve and US Government alike in order to keep “the system” going/afloat.

As you may or may not have learned in Macroeconomics 101, when trillions of new notes/dollars are introduced to a monetary supply, inflation is inevitable and due to take effect at some point down the line. It just so happens that 9 years after the Federal bailouts and 8 years after the Federal Stimulus package was introduced, the US stock markets have suddenly been hitting new all time record highs on a regular basis for 3 years running.

However, it must be understood that Wall Streets numbers are not indicators of any real economic success, they simply represent monetary inflationary values. Understand the difference? Being that inflation naturally devalues the purchasing power of money which currently or previously existed in that market, this makes what little money poor people had feel like even less. Subsequently, inflation also explains both why and how the US economy and Stock Market is growing at the same time poverty and homelessness is. If you would like to do more to help stop the spread of poverty in this country or in your community, you are welcome to follow the link below.

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