Trump Prepares To re-Militarize Americas Local Police Departments

Leaked documents reveal that Donald Trump soon plans on overturning an Executive Order banning the sale of military gear and equipment to US police departments. This article isn’t “anti-police,” I just do not think local police departments need armored vehicles, grenade launchers and .50 caliber machine guns. Do you? However, under Donald Trump, this is exactly what they will be receiving.

US Cyber Command Becomes Newest Branch of US Military

On Friday morning, Donald Trump announced that he would be elevating US Cyber Command to report directly to the US Secretary of Defense, effectively making the agency the newest branch of the US military. The US now joins other countries and organizations such as Germany, Russia and NATO, whom have all previously established military cyber commands structures of their own over the course of the last year.

Analysis: Steve Bannon’s “Resignation” & What It Means for The White House

Earlier today Donald Trump’s Chief White House Strategist, Steve Bannon, formally resigned from office. In this article I will attempt to explain why many of Trumps failures to date can be directly traced to Steve Bannon’s guidance and why his “firing” today might have been the best move that Trump has made as President to date, even if Trump only became President because of Bannon in the first place.