Brian Dunn

About Me:

After getting introduced to the industry as a freelance ghostwriter and internet activist, when it came time to step out of the shadows and apply for positions under my real name, I suddenly realized that I didn’t actually have a physical portfolio I could show employers. So, rather then produce content for other publishers, I decided to take all the money I made ghostwriting and form my own news company – Legacy Medi4.

That’s right, rather than get paid money to write articles for someone else, I now pay money out of my own pocket to produce them for myself. While this may be economically self defeating, I am willing to put in the extra work/sacrifice to accomplish the vision for what I hope this site becomes one day.

I intentionally ban advertising because I think it degrades the site and takes away from the content people actually come here to read. I left my job as a ghostwriter to escape the “click-bait” culture that has recently been dominating the news industry and therefore, promise never to produce a click bait article for this site. I also produce articles under a publishers license I personally invented, specifically to free up the content I produce through this site, because I refuse profit from restrictive Copyright Laws like all of the “legacy publishers” do.

Lastly, I do not necessarily want to be the first person to break a story or news event, I look at my articles as a tool for education, compromised from various sources around the world to give people a broader perspective about issues currently in the news. I don’t want to “make the news,” I want to accurately and intellectually report on news events.

Brian Dunn,
Founder – Editor: Legacy Medi4

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