Legacy Publishers License (License)

All digital content published under an LPLicense is considered a matter of public record and is therefore 100% free and open source for anyone to use – for any purpose.

This license revokes its publisher from claiming “Intellectual Properties Rights” to any work/content created under this license. When a publisher/journalist/photographer publishes under this license, they forfeit any and all rights granted to them under “Copyright Law” or the “Berne Convention.

Publishers reserve the right to modify/update/edit any of the original material published on their sites – anytime and without notice. With that said, all the information/materials published under this license are provided to you “as is” without warrant or limitations of any kind.

So long as this license is directly linked to the material, its publisher can not revoke any of the permissions granted to you under this license.

While it is not required to use this license, credit or attribution to the original site/author you are sourcing content from is a matter of common decency – it is the right thing to do.

Under a PPLicense you are free to:

Share, copy, redistribute and republish any of the material, in any medium or format you desire, for commercial use or otherwise – even if you are writing negative material about it.

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