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  • Trump ‘Wishes Duterte Success In His Current Drug Campaign’

    Said by Duterte himself, Donald Trump has officially given praise to a man whom has personally committed murder and urged his fellow citizens to engage in murderous activities. Since the June 2016, +100,000 people have been imprisoned and nearly 10,000 have been murdered in the streets. All in conjunction with President Duterte’s new anti-drug campaign.

  • NSA Changes Policy, Chooses To Limit Investigative Powers

    On April 28th 2017, the National Security Agency announced major overhauls in regards to how the agency will conduct investigations in the future. Why is this a small victory for the privacy community and what are the logistical, financial and political ramifications of these changes?

  • Analysis: The Psychology of A Hacker

    A recent study conducted by the National Crime Agency has concluded that the majority of hackers are not motivated by money, but rather by morality and idealism. With the results of the study in mind, what else can we learn about the general culture of hackers?

  • Russia Bans Human Rights Groups Ahead of 2018 Election

    Ahead of the 2018 Presidential Election, Russia has blacklisted 7 Human Rights Groups from the country, including three more today. Russian officials say these groups could be used to disseminate information that might paint the Government of Russia and its leaders in a negative light, undermining the election in the process.

  • Turkey Bombs US Backed Forces

    The phrase “One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist” could not be more applicable. Despite the US arming and funding Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria, Turkish forces continue to bomb them. Whats behind this conflict of interest and what does it mean for NATO?

  • Denmark Defense Ministry Hacked

    Denmark Defense Minister Hjort Frederiksen came out with a public statement this week, announcing how the Ministry and the emails of every employee attached to the Ministry had been hacked/breeched. Frederiksen went on to explain that Russian Operatives were behind the attack. More specifically, the Russian Fancy Bears.

  • The Danger of Backing Out of The Iranian Nuclear Deal

    Donald Trump has issued a full review of the Iran Nuclear Deal to gauge whether Iran has been living up to its end of the agreement and to determine what, if any, legal grounds the US has to impose new sanctions back upon the country. If the US chooses to back out of an internationally negotiated peace treaty, what implications would this have on the future?

  • Russia Moves To Ban VPN’s and Proxies

    Russia’s legislature is currently considering new laws which would ban privacy companies that allow access to banned websites and fine search engines that link to them. As it stands today, 10’s of thousands of websites and services are banned in Russia, including sites as large as LinkedIn.

  • Meet Hajime, The Worlds 1st “Ethical” BotNet

    An unknown vigilante hacker/programmer is attempting to hijack devices on the Internet of Things. Not to exploit them, but to inject them with malware which actually patches their vulnerabilities, preventing the devices from being hacked by other other BotNets in the future.