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  • King Abdullah II of Jordan Meets With Leaders of The Trump Administration for First Time

    While most western media outlets hyper-focus on Trumps “Muslim ban,” Vice President Pence and Defense Secretary Mattis sat down the first leader of an Arab Nation to visit the country since Trump assumed the Presidency. According to reports, the meetings addressed military partnerships and the role the United States/Jordan plays in achieving peace and stability in the Middle East.

  • Analysis: Donald Trumps Proposal To Make Cyber Security Great “Again”

    An Executive Order regarding cyber security, due to be signed by Donald Trump at a later date, was leaked to the press earlier last week. I do not believe this was any accident, I believe the Trump Administration knows that solutions to our nations cyber issues need to start coming from the private sector. Here is my best shot, take the information for whatever it is worth.

  • Does Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam Threaten War With Egypt?

    Lawyers, political activists and farmers inside Egypt are adamantly opposed to President Sisi’s supports of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – which will decrease Egypt’s water share of the Nile and harm the agricultural industry, making the impact of the countries current drought much worse.

    Ethiopia on the other hand is already reaping the economic benefits of the Dam project and given the countries economic history, is not sorry one bit for finally making some money.

  • What Does A Trump Presidency Mean for The US War Effort in Iraq & Syria?

    The more things change the more things basically stay stay the same. Under Donald Trump is appears as though the US military is prepared to go “all in” inside the Middle East. Logistically speaking this will mean the deployment of even more US groups troops into several War torn nations – most notably Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

  • Reports: Microsoft To Cut 700 Jobs Next Week, 2,850 by Summer 2017

    Microsoft is set to lay off 700 employees this week, part of a string of layoffs expected to take place throughout this year. As these are international positions, Microsoft says the company is going to “double down” and start shifting more of their time/effort/attention towards the US market.

    Is Microsoft simply being Patriotic or is there another reason to explain the companies recent losses?

  • CIA Publishes +12 Million Pages of Declassified Material Online

    For the first time in history, the US Central Intelligence Agency has created a searchable online database available to the public, host to over 900,00 documents, including over 12 million pages of previously “classified” material dating all the way back into WWII. It works almost like a Wikileaks database, just doesn’t function as well. It is still pretty cool information though. Here is how to access it.

  • How The Fall of East Aleppo Has Led To Two New Battles in Idlib & Palmyra

    Despite a fair bit of news coverage about the Battle for East Aleppo and its subsequent conclusion here in “the West,” almost no one has done a follow up to the story. What happened to the refugees of East Aleppo, where did they go and how are they connected to Idlib & Palmyra?

  • Russian Intelligence Has Allegedly Hacked Telegram

    After an intelligence leak last week, cyber security analysts suggest that the Russian Government has finally developed a means to hack through the encryption services offered by the popular messaging App known as Telegram. Learn why this has major implications on military movement inside the Middle East.

  • New Hampshire State Senator Proposes Ban on Russian Vodka

    Jeff Woodburn, a Democrat serving in the NH Senate, has proposed new laws which would prohibit the sale of Russian made vodka from New Hampshire stores as a form of punishment for ‘the Russian hacking of the US election in 2016.’ Does this law have any legal grounds, or by proposing to interfer in international trade relations is Mr. Woodburn overstepping his authority as a State Senator?