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  • Facebook’s Stock Dip Highlights Moral Failings of American Capitalism

    Truth be told this is an article/concept I have struggled to put into words for years now, but after Mark Zuckerberg lost 3.3 billion dollars within 24 hours of announcing major overhauls to Facebook’s news feed algorithms last week I was reminded why it does not always pay to do the right thing in American society.

  • Hacks Through Microsoft Office Applications are Rising in 2018

    From North Korea to the US, hackers have begun exploiting more and more people through various flaws in the coding of Microsoft Office Applications/Programs, something particularly concerning considering there are hundreds of millions of computers worldwide which came pre-installed with this software. Here is what to know and what you can do to keep safe going forward.

  • Senate Re-Authorizes FISA Section 702 Another 6 Years

    Earlier today the US Senate approved key amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and will extend the US Governments international spying/hacking programs another 6 years. However, while the same people are criticizing this decision for the same old reasons, giving credit where credit is due, earlier this year the US Government did take steps to limit the scope/jurisdiction of these investigations in the future.

  • Did We Learn Nothing from Saddam’s Iraq?

    Donald Trump has told the Government of Iran that if they do not want to see full economic sanctions placed back upon the country, they must meet/adhere to a new list of demands within the next 120 days. Using recent history as a guide, here is why we should all hope that the US does not repeat the same mistakes as the past, resulting from the same foreign policy decisions we have made throughout the past.

  • Despite Established De-Escalation Zones, Syria’s War Rages On

    Despite negotiations for de-escalation zones in and around the two cities. reports coming out of Idlib and Eastern Ghouta reveal how Russian/Syrian forces have recently targeted hospitals and residential neighborhoods with repeated aerial strikes already in 2018.

  • How ISIS Made Millions Selling Syrian Oil To Turkey

    Before Turkey entered the Syrian Civil War for the first time in August of 2016, in November 2015 I remember reading about a hack/leak which indicated that Turkey had been knowingly allowing Islamic State militants to illegally cross into their borders to sell oil. Two years later now, a new interview with a former member of ISIS trying to transition back into civilized society seems to have confirmed the information first exposed in the 2015 leaks.

  • Facebook Reverses Company Model & Future Direction

    It appears as though Facebook’s founder and CEO has had an existential change of heart when it comes to the product and service he wants to offer the world. Instead of focusing more on money making and short term growth, Mark Zuckerberg now says he is willing to take a financial hit in order to return Facebook back into the social networking application it started as.

  • House Votes To Re-Authorize FISA Surveillance Another 4 years

    Earlier today US Congress voted to uphold & re-authorize the FISA Court/Warrants/Surveillance Program as they have existed throughout the past. However, our Nations Commander in Chief has expressed that he would like to expand upon the power/jurisdiction of FISA investigations to allow Federal authorities to bring more charges against US citizens in the future. Here is why you should find this incredibly troubling.

  • Why Is Donald Trump Jr. Facing Legal Troubles?

    Pundits on the main stream media all seem to have no idea why Donald Trump Jr’s name keeps coming up in all of these Russian hacking investigations. However, as I will attempt to explain, it is not all that complicated to deduce how/why this is happening. Believe it or not, it is directly related to the demands made on journalists by the FBI when reporting about stolen, leaked or classified material.